Competent Communication Manual Projects

  1. The Ice Breaker:

      Introduce yourself to our club

  2. Organize Your Speech:

    Concentrate of the organization of your speech – a clear opening, body, and conclusion

  3. Get to the Point:

    Make sure everything in your speech relates to the point of your speech

  4. How to Say It:

    Make sure the audience will be familiar with the words you use – eliminate jargon and unnecessary words and use rhetorical devices and vivid language

  5. Your Body Speaks:

    Incorporate gestures, body language, movement around the speaking area, etc.

  6. Vocal Variety:

    Incorporate changes in pace, pitch, volume, and quality and utilize pauses effectively

  7. Research Your Topic:

    Support points and opinions with information gathered from multiple sources

  8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids:

    Use visual aids appropriate to your speech with ease and confident

  9. Persuade with Power:

    Appeal to the audience’s interest with logic and emotion, and persuade them to adopt your ideas

  10. Inspire Your Audience:

    Appeal to noble motives, needs and emotions to inspire or motivate the audience