Ah Counter


Count and make note of the words or sounds that each speaker uses as a crutch or pause-filler. Use the clicker provided (found in the AH Counter can) to provide immediate feedback to speakers alerting them to the use of fillers. Do not click during prepared speeches or speeches given by guests, but do keep track of filler use and report at the end of the meeting. You may want to encourage speakers to not acknowledge the clicker (such as a thanks or apology) or their use of fillers but instead continue speaking as though it never occurred.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Listen for words like so, and, well, you know
  • Listen for sounds like er, um, ah
  • Listen for repetitive words or phrases like “I, I”, “Well, well”


A penalty of 5 cents will be incurred for each infraction, with a maximum charge of 25 cents. Guests are exempt.


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