Word Master


Help members expand their vocabulary by introducing a new word, which is to be used by all speakers during the course of the meeting. Note: Choosing a word that somehow relates to the theme of the evening may increase the chance that individuals will be able to use the word.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Introduced the “Word of the Evening”.
  • Define the word – its part of speech (noun, verb, etc.), its meaning and its use.
  • Provide an example of how the word may be used in a sentence.
  • If at all possible, display posters with the word and definition on it that is readable from some distance.
  • Listen attentively and note the names of those speakers who fail to use the word during their speech or presentation.


A penalty of 5 cents will be charged to those speakers failing to incorporate the “Word of the Evening” into their presentations. Guests are exempt.