General Evaluator

The General Evaluator has these functions:

  1. Confirm with the Toastmaster that you will fulfill your role as General Evaluator.
  2. Contact all the functionaries in advance of the meeting with the exception of the Toastmaster, Topicmaster and speakers. Ask them to confirm that they will fulfill their responsibilities or find a substitute to do so.
  3. Acquire a copy of the Vicky Treciak Spirit award and have VP Education or President sign it
  4. You are to select the member who is to receive the Vicky Treciak Spirit Award. (Someone who has gone beyond the call of duty to help make the meeting successful). Information on Vicky is on our club website.
  5. Manage the second portion or evaluation segment of the meeting.
  6. Introduce each evaluator who will evaluate his/her speaker’s presentation.
  7. After evaluations have been completed ask for a timer’s report, then ask members to vote and pass their ballot to the Topicmaster for counting.
  8. Present the awards to winners. Topicmaster will supply you with winning names and certificates, with the exception of the Vicky Treciak Spirit Award for which you will choose the winner.
  9. Give an evaluation of the meeting: Did it start on time? Areas we preformed well. Areas which we can improve. What kind of cooperation did you receive from those responsible for a function?
  10. Turn control of the meeting over to the President.

Some hints and tools

  • Get an e-mail out to functionaries on Friday or Saturday. Ask for response by Monday
  • Emphasize that it is the responsibility of the recipient to find a sub if they can’t make it, and get back to you with substitute’s name.
  • Get on the phone Monday night to those who do not respond to e-mail.
  • By Tuesday send out an e-mail to Club members if you are still in need of functionaries and ask for volunteers to fill that position.
  • Touch base with the Toastmaster and Topicmaster with an e-mail progress report to help them with their planning, by Wednesday.
  • Download an Agenda form Complete it in pencil because there will be many changes up to game time.
  • When you arrive at the meeting huddle with the Toastmaster and Topic Master to discuss time available, changes, etc.
  • You will be juggling the line up right up until meeting time.
  • You can also find more information in your Competent Communications manual.