Toastmasters Love Acronyms!

But What Do They Mean?

ACB = Advanced Communicator Bronze (Individual who has achieved CC and has completed two Advanced Communication & Leadership Program manuals)

ACS = Advanced Communicator Silver (Individual who has achieved ACB, has completed two additional Advanced Communication & Leadership Program manuals, and who has conducted any two programs from the Better Speaker Series and/or the Successful Club Series)

ACG = Advanced Communicator Gold (Individual who has completed ACS, has completed two additional Advanced Communication & Leadership Program manuals, conducted a Success/Leadership Program, Success/Communication Program, or a Youth Leadership Program, and has coached a new member with the first three speech projects)

ALB = Advanced Leader Bronze (Individual who has achieved CL and CC, served at least 6 months as Club officer and was trained as such during that period and has conducted any two program modules from the Successful Club Series)

ALS = Advanced Leader Silver (Individual who has achieved ALB, complete term as a district officer, completed the High Performance Leadership Program, served successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist)

CC = Competent Communicator (an individual who has complete the 10 speeches in the Competent Communicator’s Manual)

CL = Competent Leader (Individual who has achieved CTM or CC and has completed the Competent Leader’s Manual)

DCP = Distinguished Club Program (A set of 10 goals each club strives to meet between July 1 – June 30 of the following year. A club’s ability to meet these goals reflects upon the health of the club. Gilbert consistently accomplishes all 10 goals.)

DTM = Distinguished Toastmaster (Individual who has achieved both ACG and ALS distinctions)

GE = General Evaluator

OTMOTY = Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year (Awards based on a point system given once a year for each of the following levels: area, division, and district)

TI = Toastmasters International

TLI = Toastmasters Leadership Institute (Biannual officer training put on by the District)

VPE = Vice President of Education

VPM = Vice President of Membership

VPPR = Vice President of Public Relations