Officer Stuff

President: VP Education:
President’s Manual (PDF) VP Education’s Manual (PDF)
GTM President Responsibilities GTM VPE’s Responsibilities
General Meeting Presiding Officer Agenda Transition to New VPE Instructions
Executive Meeting Agenda Template Weekly Schedule Email Template
Transition to New President Instructions Contest Instructions
Voting In Script Instructions for Submitting Award Applications
DCP Worksheet Toastmaster Digital Content for Education
Officer Election Script
Email Template for Inviting New Members for Voting In and Induction Ceremony
VP Membership: VP Public Relations:
VP Membership’s Manual (PDF) VP Public Relations’ Manual (PDF)
GTM VPM’s Responsibilities (DOC) GTM VPPR’s Responsibilities
Membership Application (PDF) Transition to New VPPR Instructions
Induction Ceremony Script (DOC) Marketing List Spreadsheet
Guest Follow Up Email Template (DOC) Toastmaster Digital Content for Marketing and Public Relations
Prospective Guest Email Template (DOC)
New Member Email Template (DOC)
VPM Supplies List (XLS)
Badge Template (DOC)
Transition to New VPM Instructions (DOC)
New Member Handout (DOC)
Amount Due Cheat Sheet (XLS)
Toastmaster Digital Content for Membership
Guest Packet
Secretary: Treasurer:
Secretary’s Manual (PDF) Treasurer’s Manual (PDF)
GTM Secretary’s Responsibilities GTM Treasurer’s Responsibilities
Transition to New Secretary Instructions Transition to New Treasurer Instructions
YahooGroups Instructions Budget Template
Meeting Minutes Instructions Instructions for Processing New Members with TI
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Template
Member Badge Template
Sergeant At Arms: Other:
Sergeant-at-Arms’ Manual (PDF) Generic Appreciation Certificate (PUB)
GTM SAA’s Responsibilities Functionary Excellence Award (PDF) (discontinued)
Transition to New SAA Instructions TM Agenda (PDF)
Reserving Venue Instructions GE Agenda (PDF)
Set-up / Clean-up Checklist Speech-a-Thon Agenda (PDF)
Evaluation Form (PDF) Membership Certificate (Publisher File)
Certificates Promise Cards (download free Avery program here) (discontinued)
Orientation Packet Items: (discontinued)

Meeting Minutes

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