Member Testimonials

testimonialsToastmasters Club #499 is full of success stories.  People join Toastmasters for any number of reasons; some personal and some professional.  Sometimes it’s to brush up on public speaking skills before a presentation at work…other times it’s a desire to connect with people on a more meaningful level by improving impromptu speaking skills or conversational speech skills.  No matter what people come to Toastmasters for, they always come away with more than they expected.

ken_sherman3I joined Toastmaster in 2013 to improve my impromptu speaking skills after visiting the club to support a friend giving his ice-breaker speech. I was impressed at how friendly everyone was…and amazed at some of the night’s speakers. I instantly knew that Toastmasters could help me both professionally and socially to be a more effective communicator.  Club #499 is full of great people that are supportive and forgiving and the atmosphere is perfectly suited for improving public speaking skills in a non-threatening environment.  There are seasoned distinguished Toastmasters that regularly attend meetings.  Club #499 is a resource of knowledge and support.
“I joined Toastmasters [in 2002] really not thinking that I could keep up the rigorous schedule of once a week. [Y]ears later I have attended faithfully, earned my CTM and am on my way to ATM, made marvelous friends who feel more like family, and plan on staying for the long haul. I stayed away from Toastmasters for years because I was afraid of Table Topics and didn’t think I’d be able to think on my feet intelligently. However, I found out the very first night that if I didn’t know about a subject, I could just make it up as I went along. This is the most supportive, caring organization that I have ever been in and we are constantly working as a team to go for the ‘gold’.”
Kitty W., Winds of Change Consulting, club member since 2002
“Gilbert Toastmasters has helped me to clarify my communication, develop a competence in my leadership skills and a commitment to life long learning. Toastmasters provides energy, enthusiasm and enlightenment!” –Andrew S., member since 2002