What Makes Gilbert Club #499 Special?

speakeraward2Come and see for yourself — Gilbert has Club pride! Our members are friendly, supportive, nurturing, & positive; we focus on and celebrate both individual and Club achievements; we work as a team; we have a wide diversity of members, both in background and experience base.

Each year, Toastmasters Clubs are given a set of 10 goals to achieve throughout the year. It is called the Distinguished Club Program. Meeting 5 or 6 of these goals gives the Club “Distinguished Club” status, meeting 7 or 8 gives the Club “Select Distinguished Club” status, and meeting 9 or 10 gives the Club “President’s Distinguished Club” status.

Gilbert has met all 10 goals and achieved President’s Distinguished Club status every year since the program was launched in 1998! We are one of very few clubs that can say that.

Other quick facts: Gilbert was chartered way back in June of 1978 and has been a strong Club ever since. Gilbert is 40+ members strong. Gilbert is the home club of the many past Area, Division, and District officers. Gilbert has members serving as District officers, two members who have served at some of the highest levels of the Toastmasters International organization, and several who have achieved the highest level of recognition, Distinguished Toastmaster). Gilbert is a skilled Club!

We offer our members use of the club’s A/V equipment (at club meetings only), which includes an old-fashioned overhead projector that uses transparencies, and its contemporary, a 2200 lm Sharp presentation projector compatible with PC or Mac laptops. We also own a video camera so that your speech and evaluation can be recorded so that you (and only you, unless you choose otherwise – your speech will not be posted anywhere unless you post it yourself) can evaluate yourself.
Drop in on us any time!