Who Is Vicki Treciak?

VickiEvery week the General Evaluator gives a participant of that meeting the esteemed “Vicki Treciak Spirit Award.” But, who was Vicki Treciak?

Imagine being in a silent, dark room. Suddenly someone throws in a brilliant firecracker. It’s a little too loud, lightens up the room and you feel more alive for its presence. Vicki Treciak was a firecracker in human form. She was always enthusiastic and the world became less animated when she died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Just days before she died, she wrote what message she would like to leave for future generations. It reads as follows:

“Hi there!

I want you to work diligently at doing something good each day, if for no other reason other than you need to – and do it for someone who least expects it. It’ll pure the bad feelings you harbor because goodness and anger can’t occupy the same heart at the same time.

Be sure to take in desert wildflowers, pet a cat and fly kites with kids. Make sure you have seen the sun set over the Grand Canyon at least once.

Don’t look back – you waste a lot of time “coulda-woulda-shoulda” ing. Go forward and grow – learn new things and enjoy life. You aren’t guaranteed any length of time or any measure of success in life, but when you’re gone – make sure you have left at least one thing as your legacy that you have made a positive difference to someone. Now, get busy! Go on now!

Love you bunches, Vicki Treciak”
So, if you get the “Vicki Treciak Spirit Award,” know that you made a difference in our club, in the here and now, through your exuberance and dedication and Vicki would smile down upon you.

~Luann Brown